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Animal Reiki Testimonials:

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Selassie My Rottweiler, Selassie, hurt his leg and was in tremendous pain. He could hardly move. Elke Petra Palm treated him with Reiki for about 15 minutes. After a couple of hours, my dog greatly improved, and by the evening he was fine. He could walk and run again. Elke Petra is amazing.

Alison, New York

RosineA Dachshund I board had a spinal column operation and was not able to walk properly on her hind legs and was dragging them. After 4 Reiki sessions with Elke Petra Palm, she was running and jumping. Her friend, Dachshund No 2 always wanted to receive Reiki at the same time, and would cuddle up in her lap as well. I was so impressed with the results that I brought her another dog, a Terrier, being treated for obesity, poor digestion and deep congestion in his lungs. After 2 Reiki healing treatments, his lungs have totally cleared up. I shall continue to have Reiki Master Palm heal the dogs I board.

Claire, New York.

StrayThis wild street dog would come each day to visit me, not for food, but for Reiki! We became good friends while I was in India.

Stray Dog, India


CatOur precious cat, Peanut, was diagnosed with Visceral Mast Cell neoplasm. X-rays showed a tumor in her small intestine. After surgery to remove the tumor, her prognosis was bleak due to the advanced stage of the disease. We were told that with chemotherapy and steroid treatment she could last one year. Without treatment, less.

The Vet said she knew of someone who cured a dog with a fatal liver disease and gave us the phone number of E.P. Palm. After 2 Reiki sessions and Reiki initiations, we noticed an immidiate positive shift in Peanut's energy level.

One month later, more testing showed no evidence of disease progression. In addition to her initial treatments, we treated Peanut with several long distant Reiki treatments from Elke Petra. Two years later, tests still showed no disease progression and our precious cat was still with us. She was happy and full of energy.

Finally, she did pass away. However, she outlived her predictions by far and was free of pain and happy during her remaining years with us. We are thankful for your great work Elke Petra. We have brought our other cats just to make sure they stay healthy, and we also wanted them to receive Reiki initiations.

Owner of Peanut, Boston, MA

StrayJumping in competition, Top Fold would always back kick and knock off a rail. He was traumatized and nervous from having once been a steeple chase horse. After his Reiki initiation and treatment, he won his tournament without being nervous or kicking off any rails. Congrats Top Fold.

Equine Trainer, NJ.

joanaThis is the Islantic Pony, Gullfaxie (Golden Mane), receiving Reiki from me in Boulder, Colorado. Gullfaxie loved being treated with Reiki. He enjoyed being touched and attended to in general. Unfortunately, with progressing old age, he had developed kidney and teeth problems, and had attracted a streptococcus throat infection. After receiving a few Reiki treatments, though, he appeared visibly better, and began taking more of an interest in his four Islantic Pony companions again: Ling, Firefly, Starfire, and Valor.

His wise and gentle personality gifted my friend and me with many hours of joyful horseback riding experiences through Boulder's open fields, pastures, and tree lined farmlands, and I will be always thankful to him for this.