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Reiki Treatments, Trainings, and History

Private Reiki Treatments with Reiki Master Teacher & Healer Elke Petra Palm are available and recommended for faster and deeper results of Balancing and Restoration of your Being. These comprehensive Healing Therapy Treatments are tailored to your needs and offered “In Person" and via "Long Distance" by appointment. Elke Petra Palm draws on her 30 plus years of experience from her professional Reiki practice as well as her extensive training in various Holistic Healing Therapies. You may call or email to schedule your appointment.

The Reiki I Class involves receiving four initiations from your Reiki Master. Here, your healing channels are opened. You are now able to pass on Reiki energy to yourself and others, and your hands will become sensitive to imbalances in the body. Your hands might respond by getting warm, hot, tingly or sometimes even a bit sweaty. Traditional hand-positions are taught for Reiki treatments on yourself and others. You will enter a 21-day cleansing and integration period, in which you are asked to practice Reiki on yourself each day to aid this process. Explanatory handhouts are provided to each student. Steady self practice will help you to stay healthy. Reiki classes are taught in a group setting or privately. Please inquire about dates to set up your private Reiki class..

In The Reiki II Class, your healing ability becomes greatly enhanced to speed up the healing process. You are initiated again and learn some of the sacred symbols. You are taught how to utilize them for long-distance, mental-emotional and situational healings. Your own spiritual growth, personal balance and healing will be advanced at this time, and develop even further during the following 21 days of cleansing and integration period. A deeper connection with Reiki is established, which results in a happier and more balanced life along with the ability to support and further your own healing process. Please inquire for current class dates or to schedule a private class.

Reiki Master Training and Certification are available upon completion of Reiki I and II Training. Please inquire about more details for this training process.


History of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese-Tibetan hands-on and long-distance healing technique that can be learned by anyone. It balances the body, mind and spirit and restores a natural sense of harmony and well-being to your life. Reiki practice furthers your spiritual development, calms your mind, and helps to align you more deeply with your life’s purpose. Reiki can also be called Universal Life Force, and is connected to the life-sustaining, life-infusing and uplifting rays of the sun. Reiki is gentle, yet powerful, creating balance and restoring the body, mind, emotions and spirit to its innate state of wellness. Reiki soothes the soul, expands your understanding of your experiences, and calms the nervous system. In my 30 years of Reiki practice, I have found Reiki to be one of the most successful healing practices for deep relaxation and inner healing. Reiki is an intelligent healing energy that efficiently addresses the source of the problem. No effort necessary.

Reiki is learned in a class setting from a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki Level I, II and Reiki Master levels are being offered to people who feel called to learn this simple, yet very effective, uplifting and spiritual healing practice.

From the History of Reiki we know that Dr. Mikao Usui discovered a holistic healing tradition in the Sanskrit Scriptures of Tibetan Buddhism. After a subsequent 21 days of meditation, he was graced with the ability to practice and teach Reiki. Before leaving the earth plane, Dr. Usui passed on the knowledge of Reiki to his successor, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, who soon opened the first Reiki clinic in Japan. Many people were healed in his clinic, and many were trained into Reiki. Dr. Chujiro Hayashi later passed on the Reiki lineage to his faithful student, Hawayo Takata. Residing and practicing Reiki in Hawaii, Reiki Grandmaster Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the West. When she died in 1980, she left 22 well-trained Reiki Masters.