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Pia"Working with Elke Petra Palm has really helped me reclaim my own personal power. It has aided me in relationships by teaching me to set boundaries, increasing my self-esteem, and healing old emotional wounds."

Pia Rhys, Actress

RosineElke Petra Palm’s Reiki healed my wrist injury, alleviated my emotional blocks and headaches. She helped me to navigate life‘s choices and to discover my life’s purpose. She taught me Reiki, and I feel honored to have experienced her mastery and mentoring as a teacher. I wish that many more people will find her and have the good fortune to experience her divine work.

Jaya Judith Schapiro, Psy.D

sfsf"I had a complex fracture of my collar-bone, which crisscrossed over my heart and was giving me excruciating pain. After two sessions with Elke Petra the X-rays confirmed that the bone had reconnected. I was completely free from all pain."

"I took the Reiki I and II training and was even more impressed with the purity and power of the Reiki healing energy. Since then I've been able to incorporate Reiki successfully into my own healing work with my clients. One of the greatest gifts for me was the skill to do Reiki healings from a distance, which I learned in Reiki II."

Nehemia Bar-Yehuda,
Yogic Neuromuscular Therapist

joana"Although the healings I received from Elke Petra were long distance, they placed me in an altered state of pure bliss and love. I felt the stress from my body dissolve. My chronic sciatic problem disappeared. Her healings have prompted many wonderful changes in my life."

Joana Corti, Oriental Medical Doctor

Rosine"The gift of the Reiki Initiations and private sessions with Elke Petra Palm allows me to walk this earth with a smile on my face in spite of the darkness that we are all moving through. Her work has freed me from deep layers of fear and pain, so I can be who I really want to be. Elke Petra's depth of experience, dedication, and love is incomparable. Thank you!"

Rosine Anna Schiess,
Master of Fine Arts.

John"Since taking Reiki I and II with E.P. Palm, I have seen a continuing improvement in my allergies. In fact I am now allergy free. At the same time, I lost my cravings for junk food and began to live and eat healthy."

John Caracciolo, Editor

RosineThank you very much Elke Petra Palm for your Long Distance Reiki Healing.

The Reiki started immediately in my feet, traveling into my body and subtle body. It then started circulating through all my chakras, then focusing into my heart chakra, where there was a lot of accumulated gunk from past lives....who knows what I did in past lives?

The Reiki from this one Reiki Long Distance Healing stayed with me for many days and kept circulating and purifying my body. I was deeply impressed and am very grateful.

You are a very strong healer, connected to a powerful spiritual lineage of light beings. You also are a beautiful soul Elke Petra, and I am very happy you are in my life.

In the second long distance Reiki treatment, I experienced more clarification and healing happening in my heart chakra, and a black square shaped thing moving through my body and then out of my heart chakra. I felt much lighter and relieved after this healing of yours. Thank you again!


Radhasundari, Brighu Reader,