The Touch That Can Change Your Life Forever

About Elke Petra Palm:

Born in Germany, Elke Petra Palm has been practicing Meditation and Yoga since the age of 18. She holds degrees as a Naturopathic Doctor and in Social Psychology/Social Admistration. She is certified in Reflexology, Past Life Regression, and various other holistic healing modalities.

She has taught and practiced Reiki internationally for over 25 years, and has dedicated her life to Reiki, spreading love and healing to her fellow human friends.

Elke Petra's healing treatments are specific to the needs of each individual. She draws on her vast experience and education in diverse healing disciplines for her hands-on sessions and long-distance Reiki healings.

People from all over the world call her for long-distance Reiki treatments, which have the same effect as hands-on sessions. Through her sessions, innumerable people have been freed from emotional and physical pain, and have also discovered their inner freedom, happiness, strength, courage and potential to live the life they longed for.

Elke Petra Palm teaches all levels of Reiki: Reiki I, II and Mastership classes. She is a traditional Reiki Master and a Reiki Alliance Member. Reiki classes are taught every 2 weeks. Private classes are available upon request. Elke Petra Palm has been featured on CNN, Time Out NY, Mademoiselle and various radio shows. Her practice is located in New York City.

Elke Petra is also available to teach Reiki classes and provide healing treatments outside the U.S.

Please contact her to set up a Reiki appointment: 212 580-2966.