Relaxation and Stress Reduction:

For most of us, working every day brings on an understandable level of stress. In addition, the routine concerns we have about home and family life, debt, health problems, time restraints, etc. add sharply to this level. As the stress bill gets longer and has to be paid for, feelings of helplessness and isolation often follow.

Relaxing with Horse

I have found Reiki to be one of the most powerful and potent stress reduction and relaxation practices there is. After 28 years of Reiki practice, I am still amazed how fast and easily Reiki relieves my clients and students from most forms of stress. Reiki will nurture and harmonize your nervous system, and help you to manage all of the above with more ease and proficiency. Reiki relaxes and brings you into a deep state of calm. Soon, you will begin to feel better, and as you do, new solutions will bubble up and a resolve will happen much more quickly.

Purification of the body:

Reiki detoxes you, removing all pollutants and energies that are not beneficial for your body. These pollutants can be food related toxins, like pesticides, chemical preservatives, and water pollutants, as well as household cleaning agents, automobile emissions, plastics, chemical based perfumes, etc. As some medications are known to have harmful side effects, the application of Reiki treatments can safely reduce them. Also, electromagnetic field waves (known as EMF) are being cleared from your body.Gas Masks

Research shows that electrical pollution is harming us constantly: overhead powerlines, airwave communication, florescent lights, computers, TV’s, cell phones, and even hair dryers and other electrical appliances. Electricity runs all of our electrical appliances, and this interferes with our own energy field and nervous system, which is direct current as well. Our human electro-magnetic energy is life itself.

Man has launched dozens of satellites into space which are now bombarding the earth with radio waves. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation. Also many transmission antennas are placed just outside our apartments and houses. Reiki will clear these energetic disturbance factors as much as possible. Even the residue of x-rays from former medical diagnostics work can be cleared as well as emotional residues from past traumas, for example, PTSD, depression, etc. Reiki will speed up your general healing process and make you feel better and more energetic every day.

It is very helpful to receive regular 'energy-clearings' with Reiki in order to return to your original healthy state.

Strengthening of the Immune System

Because Reiki will purify, harmonize and balance your systems, your immune system will be strengthened simultaneously as well. This is a pleasant and important positive side effect of Reiki. As your immune system becomes stronger, you will experience less of the many forms of health disturbances: colds, flus, headaches, depression, high blood pressure, digestive problems, low energy, joint pain, joint stiffness, allergies, etc.

Your emotional and mental stability will improve as well. You will become more resilient to irritating people and situations in your life.

Restoration of Self Healing Power

Everything is connected. Since Reiki brings your entire body-energy system back into its healthy state, your Self-Healing Power will be ignited and furthered. Your nervous system will be strengthened and nurtured, which in turn helps you to enter a more calm and centered state of being. When your nervous system is strengthened, you feel better and think more clearly. Reiki helps your body energy system to be less vulnerable to diseases.

Pain Relief

Pain ReliefExperience has shown that Reiki works very effectively with pain of all kinds. Whether it’s a cut on the finger, a twisted ankle, an injured knee or hip, arthritis, or an operation, Reiki effectively helps with pain relief. Often it takes only one or two treatments to notice a pain reduction. And, if you’re initiated and trained into Reiki, you can also place your own hands onto or above the affected area, and you will realize amazing results. I recently cut into my finger while pruning roses. The wound was quite deep and a lot of bleeding occurred. When I held my other hand above the wound, I could literally see and feel the wound closing immediately. There was almost no pain.

Many times I have been called to hospitals by a client for help with pain and healing from an operation. The reduction of the pain level and the entire harmonization of the body-energy-system usually begins promptly. Often the client falls into a deep, restful state of meditation or sleep during the treatment.

Removal of Emotional Blocks:

Often people experience a block in various areas of their life. For example, someone might have difficulty speaking in public, or seeks to avoid confrontation, even when someone wrongs thems. Many people carry guilt, shame, false pride, low self esteem, and other inhibiting personality traites that hinder the unfoldment of their true joyful self. Sometimes these problems can stem from upbringing, traumatic experiences, or even past lives. Example: A traumatic life experience can leave deeply rooted memories in the cellular system, which might hinder success in various life situations. Sometimes people struggle with learned behavior through conditioning from society or family. Reiki can help resolve these blocks, provide insight, and support a more courageous, loving, compassionate, and clear behavior in all life situations.

It is our birthright to experience the unfoldment of our life into beauty, success and spiritual maturity, and to be surrounded by loving, honest and supportive fellow human friends.

If you feel this speaks to you and you would like to advance your life, please contact me.

Chakra Balancing:

According to Tantric tradition, everyone has seven main energy centers that serve as junction points between the body and consciousness, or between matter and the mind. These spinning vortices, called chakras in Sanskrit, receive, assimilate and express our vital life energy. When the flow of energy in one or more of the chakras becomes blocked, we may develop physical and mental illnesses.

Pain ReliefThese energy centers are placed on, above and around the body. They are not visible with the physical eye. When one or more of these energy centers is not functioning well, we need help from an energy Healer. We might experience being stuck in certain areas of our life, like our creativity being blocked, communication being blocked, or the ability to digest properly might also be blocked. We might feel uncomfortable, perhaps experience pain in certain parts of the body, and not knowing why. Eventually, we become ill.

Reiki gently balances and harmonizes all our chakras. The body can then return to it’s normal state of functioning. Sometimes, people receiving Reiki will actually feel the Reiki energy moving through certain parts of their body, and sometimes they feel those energy centers spinning in a more easeful way again.

Mental Clarity:

Are you sometimes confused, unfocused, cloudy, scattered, indecisive, hopeless, angry or even depressed? Reiki will help clear your mind so you can move forward in your life. Reiki can uproot depression, sadness, scatteredness, etc. Reiki will expand your vision towards greater possibilities in your life and surroundings.

Increased Intuitive Awareness:

Are you sometimes on and sometimes off when it comes to feeling intuitively what is asked for in a specific situation? Do you wonder who to trust? Do you not know which voice to listen to? Reiki connects you to deeper levels of your awareness and intuition. And through her silent guidance, you will learn to be connected with your more subtle levels of intuition. This will then allow you to become clearer and make the right decisions. Some people even find their calling in life through Reiki. By being more in touch with your intuitive awareness, you hold the key to entering your innermost being.

Serenity and Joy:

Jumping for JoyReiki will help you feel better. And don’t we all like to feel better, because life is so much more enjoyable when we do. There is nothing sweeter in life than waking up and feeling light, serene and joyful! With this, your day is bound to be happier, more successful and healthy. People around you will witness your joy and happiness, and in turn, will want to support you more in your endeavors, because they like having a piece of your joy and happiness rather than sharing your misery.

Unlocking Your Creativity:

Do you remember moments when you just can’t find that piece to the puzzle you are so desperately looking for, or that special sentence to bridge one chapter in your book to the next? Or, maybe, the missing piece for your technological invention doesn't come to mind, or you can't seem to solve a simple task at the office. With Reiki, you will relax and be more in the moment, so your creative ideas can smoothly flow into you.

Acceleration of Spiritual Growth

Spirituality means to experience a domain of awareness that is universal. Spirituality is experiential. In India it is often taught through Yoga. Yoga does not soley mean body postures. It is a way of life and learning, understanding and loving, accepting what is, growing and going beyond.

Spirituality is also a sense of connection with the creative power of the universe, the mystery that we call God. And by having a sense of connection to that creative power, we gain self-esteem, and we have the ability to create, because we align ourselves with the elements and forces of the creative universe. We begin to realize that the universe is creative, that it is conscious and that it is evolving. We learn that our personal evolution is somehow linked to the evolution that we call God.

Reiki is a Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is Love. Reiki is the rays of the sun. Reiki supports you individually on your spiritual journey, no matter what belief system you have. Reiki is a spiritual energy as well as a support for our endeavor to eventually become one with our creator. Reiki promotes the experience of unconditional love and compassion with each professional or self Reiki treatment. Reiki accelerates the process of getting to know yourself better on deeper levels of your being. Reiki helps calm you and aids you in achieving deeper meditations. Reiki helps you to have deeper insights and understanding in your daily spiritual practices and life. Reiki will enhance your spiritual growth. Reiki connects you to your inner source over and over again, and Reiki will help you eliminate many challenging karmas accumulated over life times.

One of my students recently saw life times of accumulated experiences and different “Beings” leave her body during her Reiki I class when I had my hands on her. She described it like this: “Many people with their stories on a shoe string just walking out of my body quickly.”

Enhancement of Medical Treatments:

The First Rule is: If you have a physical problem, seek advice from your doctor. Reiki will speed recovery of any health problem. Reiki combines with every and any medical treatment and medication. Reiki is always safe! It complements every medical procedure and works on strengthening and re-energizing your entire system. Whether you have a broken bone or take medications for internal or mental problems, Reiki will speed the healing process.

Success in Making Positive Life Changes:

Jumping for JoyReiki treatment will re-energize, guide and open you up to perceive and see new more successful ways on how to proceed with your life. Reiki will encourage you to venture out into the unknown; for example, you might now follow a dream you have had for many years, that you never quite dared to fulfill. Reiki will open new doors and opportunities for you. It will connect you with new people and allow you to see old friends in a new light. Reiki will give you the courage and means to ask for help, whether it’s therapy, healing, wellness coaching, starting a weight loss program or making any another changes.

Practicing Reiki regularly, and having a professional practice Reiki on you, will propel your life, health and career forward. Reiki's gentle, loving, transformation-promising properties will help you succeed in making positive life changes. You will enjoy your life more. When you enjoy your life more, your body creates endorphins that keep your body healthy and your mind happy. Happiness is contagious. Everyone will want to be with you when you’re happy.

I invite you to study Reiki with me, so you can start working on yourself for the rest of your life. And I invite you to come and experience my private Reiki Healing treatments, so you can enjoy major breakthroughs in your health and life!